Your Guide to Buying LED Lights for Motorcycles

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Your Guide to Buying LED Lights for Motorcycles

Motorcycles can add a lot of joy to the lives of many people. Taking a trip on a motorcycle offers a type of freedom that is hard to match compared to other forms of transportation. However, just like any other vehicle that is designed to get from one place to another, parts eventually need to be replaced. Fortunately LED lights for motorcycles do not have to be replaced very frequently. However, when they do go out, it can seem like a major inconvenience when it interferes with your riding pleasure.

Although a motorcycle can be ridden during daytime hours without the need for additional illumination, you never know when the weather pattern changes into one that makes using the headlights necessary. In addition, some lights must always be functional, regardless of what time of day it is. Motorcycle lights must always be fully operational at any time of the day in order to prevent an accident. LED lights for motorcycles can be located at cycle shops and online at eBay. Since there are various types of LED lights for this purpose, it is helpful to know more about how these lights work and what types are available.

Overview of LED Lights for Motorcycles

There are various reasons why LED lights are advantageous for motorcycles. Light Emitting Diode or LED lights do not have a high power consumption rate, and they are much brighter than ordinary light bulbs. Because this type of light does not consume much power, it also puts off very little heat as well.

In addition to these advantages, LED lights are ideal for motorcycles because they are also designed to take high impacts much better than other lights and are also resistant to moisture, so they never become dull or foggy. Besides these advantages, LED lights have other characteristics that are worth noting. Making sure that your motorcycle headlights are bright and focused makes any driving condition safer, day or night.

LED Lights

If the purpose of replacing your current motorcycle lights, such as your turn signal lights, is due to the desire to upgrade the lighting features, there are some things that you should be aware of before you begin this process. Sometimes converting standard lights over to LED models may require the addition of a load equalise because the lights must receive some form of electrical current in order to function properly. Some factory lights are not load dependent, so a load resistor is not necessary. A couple of examples of lights that do not need this addition are the taillights and brake lights. Another option that is sometimes available is to buy a flasher that is not load dependent, instead of using a load resistor to counteract this problem.

Load Resistors

Before changing standard light turn signals over to LED ones, it is important to be aware of the fact that there is a good chance a load resistor is going to be necessary. Front and rear turn signals often require the addition of a load resistor in order to keep the lights from flashing too quickly. The reason that the signals often flash more quickly is because most motorcycles are equipped with sensors that create a light to flash quickly allowing the rider to know that they are experiencing difficulties and may need to be replaced.

Since LED models do not draw much energy, the sensors often mistake the LED lights as a standard light that is getting ready to burn out. If you plan on upgrading both front and rear turn signals with LED lights and have decided to use load resistors, you need to purchase a separate load resistor for each one.

Types of LED Motorcycle Lights

There are a variety of LED lights for your motorcycle. You can buy an individual bulb, or go all out and buy a cluster of bulbs. There are many benefits to adding LED lights to a motorcycle that both increase the safety and enjoyment attained while riding it.


Before you decide to replace one standard bulb with one LED bulb, it may be helpful to know that there are other options available that may produce more satisfactory lighting results. A single LED bulb has approximately 20 per cent more lighting power than a standard bulb, so they are always a better option than a standard bulb for motorcycles.

However, in some cases, instead of replacing a standard bulb with only a single LED bulb, you may want to consider purchasing an LED kit instead, in order to add as many additional bulbs as possible. Doing this helps to make the lights much brighter for others on the road to see you better.


One of the primary reasons that an LED cluster is more beneficial than a single bulb is that a cluster can help direct brighter light in areas where you may need it the most. The more lights that you can fit into a housing, the more intense the light output is going to be. If you have only one bulb and it happens to go out, this could spell disaster, especially if it were to happen in riding conditions where the lighting is low or even non-existent. Because there is more than one light involved in a cluster, should something happen where one bulb burns out, you are not going to be stranded because you are unable to continue riding the motorcycle.

Brake Lights

If you are considering whether or not to replace your brake lights with LED brake lights, there is no reason to have to think about this choice more than once. Replacing standard bulbs with LED models helps to draw more attention to your brake lights, which from a safety standpoint, there is only one clear choice about why this is a good decision to make.

There are at least a couple ways of accomplishing this. One way is to install brake light flashers which emit pulses of light when you step on the brake. You can also increase the functionality of the rear turn signals by incorporating an LED conversion kit, which increases brake functionality. Installing LED brakes lights is a relatively simple process so there is really no good reason why you should not make that switch. It also is a good idea to make sure that you use a red lens as this is a legal requirement in most areas.


Changing standard headlights over to LED headlights is a great way to receive more powerful illumination so night driving is more comfortable. There are often times during daylight hours when increased visibility is necessary as well, such as in times when weather conditions are unfavourable. One way that you can increase the visibility of your headlights is adding a headlight modulator. The purpose of a headlight modulator is to make the rider more visible to the traffic that is around him or her by emitting a periodic flash.

The fact of the matter is that any type of LED headlight assembly outperforms a standard headlight. Using LED bulbs in headlights is not only a good decision for the reasons mentioned previously, but it is also one way to make replacing a standard headlight more affordable as well. HD headlights are also a good choice to increase daytime visibility. HD headlights do use relatively little power, only 35 watts on average, and are close to three times as bright as other headlights. Making sure that your headlights are bright and focused makes any driving condition safer, day or night.

How to Buy LED Lights for Motorcycles on eBay

Many people have realised what tremendous benefits using LED lights for motorcycles offers them over standard lighting features. No matter if you want to find a brake light, headlight, or a turn signal, finding it on eBay is extremely easy. All that you need to do to get started in your quest is to enter keywords that are relative to the item that you need into the search query box that is located at the top of the eBay home page.

If you want to make sure that you receive search results back that are as relevant as possible to the LED light that you are searching, make sure that you include descriptive keywords that are not extremely lengthy. For example, if you want to find a headlight for your 1996 Kawasaki motorcycle, type in the keywords "1996 Kawasaki LED headlight". In order to refine your search results even further, there are additional categorical filters that you can choose from. You may also take advantage of the search feature option which is located at the top of each eBay web page.


Once you know the benefits of using LED lights for your motorcycle, changing out parts using LED technology is a logical choice. There are many different ways that you can increase visibility when riding your motorcycle, such as replacing a single bulb with a cluster of LED bulbs, or installing a HD headlight. LED lights do not have a high power consumption rate, however, the light emitted from them is not only much brighter, but more crisp and focused as well.

LED lights for motorcycles can be used to increase the visibility of turn signals, however, additional equipment such as a load resistor may need to be installed as well. Before beginning an LED light replacement project for a motorcycle, it is helpful for you to know in advance what some possible LED options are and how you can benefit from them. This helps to ensure that the right LED light is selected which in turn makes the buying process much easier.

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