Your Guide to Buying an Affordable Down Duvet

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Your Guide to Buying an Affordable Down Duvet

Buying a new duvet may seem like a significant investment, especially if you are looking for a high-quality item. With so many different styles and brands available in department stores and online, it may seem rather difficult to find an affordable down duvet. Nevertheless, it is actually possible to find a duvet that offers a good level of comfort and is not too expensive at the same time. The golden rule when shopping for duvets is to browse as many styles as possible from as many sellers as you can before making a purchase.

Down duvets, especially when made of 100 per cent quality down, are some of the most expensive bedding items on the market because they offer a much better quality than those stuffed with synthetic materials. Learning some details about the basic characteristics of down duvets can help you find the right type of duvet for your preferences and budget.

What to Look for in a Down Duvet

A down duvet is stuffed with down feathers from either geese or ducks. Down should not be mistaken for feathers, as it is actually a layer beneath the feathers of a bird that provides insulation and protection against cold. Down is a warm, light, and soft natural product and for this reason down duvets make very popular bed coverings. High quality down duvets tend to be rather expensive, but you can also find affordable styles as well without having to make major compromises on quality.

Fill Power of a Down Duvet

The thing that is essential for determining the quality of a down duvet is the fill power. This can range anywhere between 300 and 900, with average quality duvets having a rating of approximately 500. Lesser quality down duvets, which are also more affordable, have a fill rating closer to 300. A higher rating provides more warmth and makes the down duvet fluffier.

Types of Stitching of a Down Duvet

Buyers can choose a down duvet for which either sewn-through stitching or baffle boxing are used. The first alternative is the less expensive one and it allows the down to remain distributed evenly throughout the duvet. Down duvets for which sewn-through stitching is used have the aspect of a quilt, but they may not be as fluffy as the baffle boxing ones, simply because the stitching goes all the way from top to bottom.

Cotton Covers of Down Duvets

The quality of the cotton cover is also important when shopping for duvets and you should pay attention to the thread count in order to determine whether the cotton is a quality one or not. A high thread count usually means that the cotton is of high quality. The cotton cover is important for a duvet because good quality cotton, such as Egyptian cotton, helps maintaining a pleasant body temperature and wicking away moisture from the body.

Choosing the Right Tog Rating of a Down Duvet

The tog rating is also something worth considering when shopping for an affordable down duvet. This is related to the level of warmth and you should choose it according to the room temperature. For instance, if you live in an older property with heating issues, you should go for a duvet with a higher tog. On the other hand, if you leave the central heating on at night or you tend to get very hot when sleeping, a down duvet with a lower tog would be a better choice.

Types of Affordable Down Duvets

Down duvets can be purchased in two versions that come with both advantages and disadvantages. You can either go for a 100 per cent down duvet, or for one made from a blend of down and feathers. The main differences between the two types of duvets are related to the overall weight of the products and their price.

100 Per Cent Down Duvets

Duvets made from 100 per cent down tend to be lighter and more comfortable, but this comes with a more expensive price tag. Down duvets tend to be slightly warmer and softer than those with mix stuffing. They also retain their shape better and they do not need to be shaken too often in order to obtain the original shape. When it comes to the type of down, goose is generally considered superior to duck, being lighter and softer.

Down and Feather Mix Duvets

A cheaper alternative to 100 per cent down duvets, down and feather mix duvets are slightly heavier, but they can provide a good level of comfort and enough warmth for the cold winter months. Generally, a mix of down and feather provides more support and insulation than pure down. In many cases, the quills in feathers are used for such a mix. Keep in mind, however, that duvets containing feather may need to be shaken on a regular basis in order to retain their shape.

Down Duvets Sizing Guide

Before purchasing a new duvet for your bed, you need to determine the size of your mattress and make sure the new duvet fits properly. You should keep in mind that most duvets come in standard sizes, but these may actually vary from one manufacturer to another. The chart below may prove useful when you are trying to determine which size of duvet would be the right choice for your bed.

Bed Type

Bed Size

Duvet Size


90cm x 190cm

135cm x 200cm


135cm x 190cm

200cm x 200cm


150cm x 200cm

225cm x 220cm

Super king

180cm x 200cm

260cm x 220cm


215cm x 215cm

290cm x 220cm

Many people tend to go for an oversize duvet, but this should be avoided if possible, simply because you can end up with the duvet dragging on the floor. The size of the duvet should be coordinated with the size of the bed and the number of persons sleeping in it.

Tips for Finding an Affordable Down Duvet

Down duvets can be expensive, but there are several things you can do in order to buy a down duvet when you are on a budget. Many sellers stock affordable duvets and the question is how to find them. Perhaps the best strategy when it comes to buying an affordable duvet is to compare prices from as many sellers as possible. This is a great way to save money, especially if you are looking for stockists both in your local area and online. Scouring forums on the Internet for tips about the latest sales and using vouchers when available is another possibility. Shopping on sales is a trusted way of finding an affordable down duvet that provides both great quality and value for the money.

How to Find an Affordable Down Duvet on eBay

Finding a new duvet at a great price is easy on eBay, thanks to the large selection of down duvets available. To find an affordable down duvet, you can set a budget and stick to it by simply choosing to only have a look at the items in your price range. In order to start searching for an affordable down duvet on eBay, simply type the style you want into eBay’s search bar, for example ‘king size down duvet’. You can then choose to view the results by price from lowest to highest.

If you think the results you get are too many, you may narrow them even further, by size, colour, style, or location. In order to save more money when shopping for a new down duvet, you should only choose to buy from eBay sellers in your area because in this case the delivery fees are significantly lower. Duvets are bulky items, so it would cost you a lot to send them back if the seller does not offer free returns. For this reason, ensure you make the right choice from the first try. You should also pay attention to the reputation of the eBay seller, in order to be sure you get a quality item that matches the product description exactly. Remember that you can find real bargains by searching carefully, so take your time when browsing for affordable down duvets on eBay.


High-quality down duvets are essential bedding items for a good night’s sleep, but unfortunately they tend to come with a high price tag. Duvets are available in various styles and stuffing materials and these can make the difference when it comes to the price. If you do not want to compromise on quality, you should scour the stores and the Internet for quality down duvets at great prices. This can be done especially in the sales period, and eBay is one of the best places where you can find such deals.

Searching for an affordable down duvet on eBay is not very difficult not only due to the large selection of products available, but also thanks to the intuitive search system that allows you to browse through hundreds of styles quickly and efficiently and to sort them by price. Regardless of the type of down duvet you are looking for, there are many chances to find it on eBay.

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