amazon voucher, Gift card or Certificate FRAUD

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Be very careful when you purchase gift card or vouchers via ebay.... YOU ARE NOT COVERED by their buyer protection even if you use PAYPAL! the only way you may be able to get your money back in some cases is if you use your credit card to pay of it (in the UK anyway). This is not guaranteed either!

Here's the response I got when I tried to raise a refund on an AMAZON voucher:
"We're sorry there's a problem with your purchase. Unfortunately, this item isn't in a category covered by ebay Buyer Protection. We don't offer buyer protection on items listed in the Real Estate category, certain Motors categories, or in Classified Ads. You can try to work out this problem by contacting the seller"

I called ebay customer service before I paid for the item as I was naturally concerned that the seller may not honour their pledge to send me the voucher. Though the seller had been with ebay for over 2years and had 100% feed back rating, I was concerned that his account could have been hacked and some else posting on their behalf. I was told categorically by the call centre staff on ebay that I was protected provided I pay via PayPal (this is of course not true).

I think it not right that Paypal continue to charge high fees on items that they do not offer protection on. Please email Paypal and ebay customer service to let them know that you are not happy with them not offering protection on items such as Amazon vouchers which are traceable.
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