buying cheap ugg boots

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i recently brought a pair off ugg boot off ebay for 58 pounds and noticed afterwards all these guides on fake uggs saying if there less than 100 then they are probably not genuine decker uggs.when thet arrived i was sceptical to say least so i asked my sister to bring round her that she brought from a well known designer shop for 130 pounds.i looked at them both as did my partner and sister and there is no difference what so ever even the small lable inside was identical. i even went through the ebay guide to spotting a fake and found nothing to suggest they are not geniune. the seller also accept returns if not satified so all i can say is some sellers are genuine but email then prior to bidding asking the question are they made by deckers as genuine uggs are.hopes this help someone wanting a nice product but doesnt want to pay the earth.thanks+(i purchased mine from sj products)


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