buying from ebay hong kong

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After buying a lot of goods from ebay hong kong {ebay hk} i became aware that there are a few things to be aware of and the best way to use the site. when you are searching for an item on ebay you will probably notice many buy it now items from hong kong appear on the listings, ignore these and follow these steps. first you google ebay hk then when the site comes up you will see it in chinese {not very helpful if you don`t know chinese} but you will notice there is an english tab on the site do not use it as it does not work properly. you will however recognise the green sign in tab so sign in using your usual username and password and click on the green tab, you will notice the search bar at the top as normal with chinese writing on it, enter in the search bar what you are looking for, for instance nintendo wii items are really cheap so enter wii in the search bar, lots of wii items will appear and the item descriptions are in english. when you see an item that you are interested in click the watch item tab which is in chinese but you will recognise it, the item will then be saved in your usual ebay account and you can bid on the item from there. the hong kong dollar is very weak against the pound {around twelve to the pound i think} so bid away! import tax can be an additional charge that you can get hit with a week after you have recieved the item but this all depends on who the courier is, for instance one of the major companies such as dhl or ups will inevitably end up sending you a letter charging you import tax and admin charges but if the item is using hong kong post or ems they usually slip through without any extra charges. to help items avoid import tax most chinese sellers send the item as a gift or put a low valuation on the package so again avoiding import tax. the most expensive delivery company i have found so far for import tax are fedex 10 quid just for their admin charges, where as dhl 3 quid admin charges plus tax so go for the hong kong post or ems for your delivery. apart from wii stuff being rediculously cheap compared with the uk check out flash drives sd cards for phones and cameras, watches etc all are very cheap. be careful when the item does not arrive after three weeks, some of the more dishonest sellers will try to stall you and take you past the paypal claim time by telling you they have sent a replacement. give them 30 days and then claim your money back via paypal resolution centre regardless of what they say. {update} after trying different web browsers on ebay hk i have found google chrome to be the best one as it gives an accurate translation option without losing any page detail, so you don`t have to try to understand chinese!
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