buying mobile phones from China/Hong Kong

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Hi everyone, just wanna warn you if you intend to buy a mobile phone from China/Hong Kong, BEWARE!

I recently bought a blackberry phone listed as from Hong Kong but actually ship from China, it turns out to be a faulty phone! The seller refuse to repond to my email and of course I did not get any refund!

The phone is new, looks in perfect condition, I can make calls, receive calls but I can access to internet! That's what  blackberry for!

I took it to my service provider and spent hours on the phone with the Vodafone technician, trying to open an email account on my phone and turn to be a faulty phone and it has been register 200 times!

I wrote to the seller and demand for a refund and there's no reply at all!

Please do not bid./ buy moblile phone from China/Hong Kong!

Especially from the seller babyxxxxxx! That's the seller I bought it from!

Don't waste your money, I have learn my lesson! I rather pay more to get a genuine, working phone!



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