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Denby Pottery

I first started selling replacement Denby  Langley some 15 years ago as a small hobby  and a way of improving my own set as it was always expensive . Eight years ago the business was formed and I now work selling the denby full time . We stock over 100 discontinued  patterns and I am happy to provide  pattern details & pictures  on my website . I sell on ebay and am pleased to offer a few bargain items each month plus a lot of hard to find items .

Perfumeries  shop  details all my denby sales both in the auction and buy it now items available at any time

Early patterns from the 1950 & 1960's  like arabesque  ,greenwheat , homestead and manor green are still availble in quantity  but not always mint as the years are not kind to the older glazes .

Gypsy, troubador, romany  & minstrael  are still available in good used condition  and look stunning on a table , Troubador being the most popular , and the hardest to complet a set of .

The later patterns  like Midnight, camelot , Greystone  are a good buy at the moment ,see the website for pattern details and pictures.

All denby Blue patterns are at a premium as no one likes to sell  so watch out for them at good prices

Collectables now in the future are the unuaual denbys like Trees  ( mauve with  psysodelic  black trees ) Fallstaff  with the distinctive poppies  and the stunning baroque  in the Art Nouveau  Look .

Try buying the matching  Cutlery too !!

I Love Denby  and the tableware is of a quality to be collected  !

Be aware that denby is heavy average dinner plate weighs nearly 1/2 kilo  and packed it is not light and all pieces need wraping and paking is not cheap , boxes, bubble  and time . Yes we do charge for labour  . A private buyer  often looses money in sending parcels  and also it fails to arrive intact. !

Please see my shop  and non selling information website with full patterndetails ,shaped  and colour  pictures .

perfumeries shop

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