ebay.CO.UK, united kingdom only

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This guide is to allow sellers to know about regional bidders and how it can sometimes make things complicated once your item has ended When you place an item onto ebay, and submit an area of postage, I have recently noticed this does not make bidding out of bounds for those who are from other countries. From time to time people from around the globe will go onto ebay.co.uk, and make bids on items that they stuggle to find in there region, such as videos or rare collectables. The postage area you place on is only a guideline and if someone from a foreign country wins the item, it is out of ebays hands, it is also made extremely complicated if the person has already paid and you look at the sending address to notice the buyer is from america. so I suggest if you should get a bidder for something that is worth a high postage or is a british DVD, or game, go onto community and find the buyers origin. Hope this is helpful to you!!!
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