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buyin cds off ebay


i bid on a lot of cds off ebay because i like my music and it chills me out and plus ebay is dead cheap for cds. you go in to some were like say woolworths and go and look at the latest cds that just came out that are on the walls in woolworths and there like £12-£15 ponds at a time for like one cd then you go to ebay and the same cds are like £2 ponds and thats for the p&p as well which is really good. i use to have a lot of cds then i put them all in the bin because they would not work any more but the last 2 months i have stocked up on all my cds which i have been want in to do for a while and now im happy because i got all my cds now. so all i can say now is if you want a cheap and latest cd which aint a copy go to www.ebay.co.uk.......

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