fake designer bags

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I would just like to share with anyone who is looking for a bargain price designer bag , please dont make the same mistake i did , i was actually looking up how to spot a fake chanel bag when i clicked on to a web site called LUXURY TOTUM that was actually on the same page ,it advertised authentic top designer bags for a couple of hundred dollars saying they bought over run stock and bulk buys passing the saving onto there customers ; it all sounded too good to be true but as it was on the page that was telling you about fakes i thought it must be a genuine site , they have a customer line where you can write back and forth to customer services there and then, they explained to me that i had nothing to worry about all there products were guaranteed authentic they just had low over heads having a web site rather than a shop so stupidly i payed around $200 dollars and ordered a bag. It came about a week or so later i was gutted it was plastic and totally fake not even a good fake id seen better fakes in thailand on the streets on phuket nothing like the picture they were showing on there web site i was so mad , i contacted them straight away they had the nerve to say to me how could it be fake we only sell authentic , if i could have reached the woman i would have strangled her , they then offered me a refund if i wasnt happy but i would have to pay for the shipping there and back and 15% handling fee which would amount to about £50 and then if they didnt receive it i wouldnt get anything , i replied  how can i trust a liar ! so now i am stuck with a bag that cost me the equivalent of £100 that i wouldnt pay £10 for , you might think what an idiot but the thing is when your sat at a computer you tend to get sucked in and if you dont take time to think and some ones promising you your getting a genuine product some times you can get sucked in , i just hope by writing this i will save other people money and disappointment dont forget the name LUXURY TOTUM what a joke !
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