how to fix dyson fault f11 | dyson cro1 washing machine

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Dyson Fault F11

We are only selling the bridge rectifier
If your dyson washing machine cro1 gives you F11 fault in the display (Fault F11 please call 0800 bla bla bla )

It's either the fuse in the power board
It is more than likely to be the bridge rectifier also found with the fuse on the same board
How to get to the power board:

Unscrew the screws at the back of the CRO1, ( The screws look a bit like stars but a normal flat head screwdriver will work just the same.)
When the back is off It will look like When the back is off just get your hand around the side of the drum and disconnect the connectors ( this is fidley and can be hard to do)
Go to my listing for the bridge rectifier for pictures
Take the board out, unscrew the metal off the power board, solder the bridge rectifier the same as the old one (hard to do*) change the fuse ( the fuse will probably be blown anyway) put it back together put the control panel back in the CRO1 and attache the connectors ( hard to do and fidley) screw the back back on and all done. You have just save yourself a £95.00 call out fee yipeeee and learned something! (AS OF DECEMBER DYSON WILL NOT BE SENDING OUT THERE ENGINEERS TO FIX DYSON WASHING MACHINES
* The power board can be easily damaged if you solder a part of the green board that shouldn't be soldered be careful, We will not be held responsible if the bridge rectifier doesn't solve your problem as you could of damaged the control panel in any part of trying to fix the fault also please only buy this item if you believe it to be the bridge rectifier that has gone In nearly all cases it is the bridge rectifier but this is only a guide.
From the bestabout10 Team
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