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One of our cars is a Citroen Saxo, cute little thing she is, Venetian Red (ok, so she is dark red, but Venetian Red makes her sound so much more exotic! lol) and is in real great condition for her 10 years of life......with the exception of the black bumpers and plastic trim which regulary go grey! Arggghhhhhh!!!!

After years of trying various products (which won't be named here as the purpose of this is to suggest an alternative and not down anyone's products) I finally decided on one in particular that I liked and thought was effective at getting rid of the pesky faded grey effect on all the plastic trim around the car, but certainly not cheap at approximately five pounds a time.

So, I happened across an article which stated that rather than pay for expensive restoring products all you really need is a tub of peanut butter, as the oils within it do exactly the same job! Ohhhhh, I must try that, thinks I!

So, after cleaning the car, out I went armed with a tub of Lidl's peanut butter in one hand and a kitchen roll in the other. (Please note, that I did actually wait for a time when the neighbours were out in case they decided it was about time they sold up! lol)

I started by smearing some peanut butter on, rubbed it in, then got some more kitchen roll to basically buff it off and....hey presto!!!...the bit on the front bumper actually looked darker, just as if it had been done with the normal restorer I would use! Surprised, but enthralled and somewhat bemused, with this result I carried on around the rest of the plastic trim on the car.

Yep, it is absolutely true, peanut butter works just as well as any expensive restorer you can buy!!

The kitchen roll wasn't very effective, I noticed that it broke up too easily and also left wee dusty bits on it (not sure if it was the particular type we use as it's not the most expensive one), it was fine for buffing it up though. I moved on to use a blue-coloured kitchen cleaning cloth, with a duster for buffing and this worked very well.

So that just leaves us with the pro's and con's of peanut butter V's bumper restorer (in my experience).....

The down side is.........the smell, it didn't bother me that much as I like peanut butter but our 10 year old son (who hates peanut butter) hit the ground running with hands over nose, he disappeared into the horizon yelling 'THAT STIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINKS!!!!!', but he was right to some extent, by the time you get round the whole car is does become a little on the sickening side. Also, at first, it's a bit of a nightmare should you get it into little cracks (like down the side of indicators, etc) as you have to go digging for it, this becomes easier as you use it though, you soon grow accustomed to the way it goes on. Don't use it later on in the evening when the demon midgie flies are about, I had myself a little cloud of appreciative little flies ready to eat me alive! I would also imagine that using it in direct sunlight/high temperature would bring it's own troubles. I would normally do the sidewalls of the tyres with the same restorer just to make them look darker, but I didn't apply the peanut butter to them as I figured putting a greasy, slippy product on the one thing that holds the car on the road wouldn't be the smartest of ideas, even if it was on the sidewall only!

The plus side does actually work! Although a little tricky to work with at first it is very easy to get used to using. It's much more environmentally friendly than using products with chemicals. It's alot cheaper than any restorer you can buy, in my case the restorer is 5.00GBP whereas the peanut butter cost me 0.59GBP! You use very little of the peanut buttter, a very small amount of it goes a long way. Should you get some on the paintwork it buffs right off with no problem at all.

I personally found it great and will be using it in future! What appeals to me most is the fact it is much more environmentally friendly and of course the cost!

I am not sure if there are any guides that have been written before about this, but I thought I would share my experience anyway!


It would be advisable to either check with the manufacturer of your car or do some research first to ensure that using peanut butter on your car will not damage it.

For obvious reasons use only SMOOTH peanut butter and not the crunchy variety!





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