samsung fridge freezer problems

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samsung fridge freezer problems

samsung fridge freezer repairs

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samsung fridge freezer problems                    

the facts explained

samsung fridge freezer problems RS21 model, symptoms include

  • not cooling in fridge
  • noise coming from panel in fridge- noise stops when door opened
  • ice build up at water bottle / water dispensor may also stop working

 theres a lot information all over the net reguarding the samsung rs21 model .

 most of the info i have seen  has been incorrect, whilst some have accurate and some down right stupid ( but hey its the internet , the trouble is you really need to decide if the information you are reading is correct and relevant).

before i start i will give some information that will help you to decide if im qualified to write this review ?

i am a service engineer for a samsung authorized home appliance centre,  to date we have repaired over 3000 samsung fridge freezers , 80% of our repairs have been on the  RS21 model ,  i could probaly dismantle and rebuild the RS21 in my sleep ( sorry - bragging ) but i think this will help you understand that there isnt anything i dont know about samsung fridge freezer problems - especialy the RS21 model

 to be honest  this problem gave samsung and its repair agents  few headaches  as it basically came out of the blue as most fridge freezers were 2 years plus before symptoms started to show , ( some over 4 years +) at first it was thought there was a problem with the polystyrene that the cover assembly was made from causing water ingress and ice build up around the fan - leading to noise from the fan , this panel was then modified to prevent water ingress which cured the problem.- but only for a short while.

the problem soon came back , and after months of testing/investigating it was found that a combination of a 3 other components could be causing  the fault/symptom ie noise from fridge a poor cooling, it was found that if any of the three components failed this condition would re-occur . samsung then went back to the drawing board and upgraded the three components.- after another few months of testing- it was concluded that all of the three components and the cover assembly would need to be replaced to achieve a successful repair

in between this time of testing - investigating there was a boom of so called repair information regarding the rs21 problem- mostly from diy sites etc  posts where going from the sublime to the ridiculous  causing all sorts of misleading repair information.

all this info and web activity inevitably led samsung appearing on to bbc watchdog to explain themselves.

gladly  i can confrim since samsung advised their repair centres to replace all the components concered with this problem we have had very few customers with re-occuring problems , i would be lying if i said we didnt have any because we have - mostly with the first batch of repairs due to ourselfs not positioning some of the upgraded parts correctly etc and or on a very few occasions some of the new components failing . ( but im sure samsung are not the only manufacturing company that have new components that fail )..

i would say over all the samsung rs21 model is a very good fridge freezer with very little failures apart from the components mentioned in  this review,  we also carry out work on other american fridge freezers and expeirience various component failures with most manufacturers- however with samsung reportedly selling 8 out of ten american fridge freezer in the uk they have risen to the forefront of media attention .

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