spray tan extractors

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experience in the spray tanning industry, particularly in the maintenance of the equipment, has given me the ability to compare many types of extractors on the market today.

generaly speaking i have found

  • bigger is not always better, if it has ineficient fans it will not extract
  • more power is not always the answer, if it has poor filtration tan will be blown all over the room
  • the questions to consider are
  1. the unit size fits the room
  2. will the extractor have enough power to recirculate the air in the room
  3. will the filter media capture a high percentage of mist or overspray
  4. are the performance specifications of the fan only, or the extractors performance with filters in place. these two measurements can be very different as some fans are designed to suck through thick filters & some are designed to blow with weak suction power.
  5. consider the cost of replacement filters some can be rather expensive
  6. can the filters be changed easily & quickly by a therapist
  7. is your investment in equipment well spent. are you getting value for money
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