st1100 st 1100 pan european - buying parts

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PLEASE  would you people pick the phone up and call your local Honda dealership before bidding on used parts from EBAY!

So many parts on here are sold for more than honda charge for new! The most common items include mirror wind deflectors i've seen sell for £26 (Only about £15.28/pr new!) it's only about £40.00 for the full kit including leg shields new if you go to David Silver spares online!

Engine bar crash covers are just £15/16 each new yet well over £20 on ebay second hand!

Genuine Honda front Brake discs are just £89 but over £100 on ebay.

£195 for a new genuine honda seat (I've seen these sell second hand for much more)

Please save money and just pick the phone up before you bid!

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