viresco aqua pond clear never get this product is false

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I get 2 months ago Viresco aqua pond clear for only £15 pounds , 15 I lose

The company say:

Because you'll have pond water with zero nitrate. This quite simply means to you ...

1. No Blanket Weed or string algae problems like you see in the picture.

2. No Green Water preventing you seeing those beautiful fish that cost a fortune and that you love to bits.

3. Happier and healthier koi and goldfish that grow sturdy and strong

4. Cleaner Ponds and lower maintenance and greater pond-side joy for the whole family


I buy the product follow the instruction and switch off the UV LIGHT , wait and wait with one pond have only 5 small fish 

of 7 inch and 5000 Litres of water with not any other product.

The blanket not only grow more also I get problem with the sad fish swiming around the blanket.

The product simply not work and nitrate never change in the pond. I try to feed also a very little small of food or feed every 2 days.

Not changes Nitrate always the seam. Viresco is only marketing and publicity. Sure you lose your money. Is not a Miracle for your pond.

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