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Maximum postage costs

In some categories, we set limits on what sellers can charge for postage and packaging.

You can offer multiple postage options, such as express delivery, or overseas postage, and can include options that are more expensive than the maximum postage cost.

However, you'll need to offer at least one affordable postage option to buyers that is within the limit and it must include all postage costs, such as handling and insurance.

You won't be able to list your item if you don't include at least one postage cost that is less than or equal to the maximum cost.

How maximum postage costs are determined

The maximum postage costs are based on Royal Mail postage prices, our own data showing what sellers are charging, comparisons with other online shopping sites, and what buyers tell us is reasonable.

We regularly revise the limits to reflect changes to Royal Mail prices. We'll always give sellers plenty of warning before changing the limits, or introducing maximum limits in new categories.

When buyers think that postage costs on eBay are too high they may make their purchases somewhere else. Having a maximum postage cost helps buyers find items with reasonable postage and can help you sell more items.

The maximum postage and packaging costs apply for all items listed on eBay.co.uk, even if you're not a UK seller.

Maximum postage costs by category

We chose these categories because online buyers generally expect reasonable postage charges – if not free – when buying these types of items. The limits help ensure that eBay sellers remain competitive and prevents buyers from being charged excessive postage costs.

The table below shows the maximum postage costs for the Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, and Video Games categories.


Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
Accessories £5.00
Antiquarian & Collectable £9.50
Audio Books £5.00
Children & Young Adults £9.50
Collections & Lots £9.50
Comics £9.50
Fiction £9.50
Magazines £11.50
Non-Fiction £9.00
Textbooks & Education £9.50

Computers, Tablets & Networking

Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
Manuals & Guides £9.50
Cables & Connectors £9.50
Laptop & Desktop Accessories £11.00
Printer Ink & Cartridges £11.00
Printer Paper & Accessories £10.50

DVDs, Film & TV:

Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
Storage & Media Accessories £9.50
DVDs & Blu-rays £5.00
Film Memorabilia £9.50
Other Formats £9.50
TV Memorabilia £9.50
VHS Tapes £5.00

Sound & Vision

Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
Multipurpose Batteries & Power £9.50
MP3 Player Accessories £11.00
TV Accessories £10.50


Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
Storage & Media Accessories £9.50
Cassettes £3.50
CDs £3.50
Music Memorabilia £9.50
Other Formats £9.50
Records £9.50

Cameras & Photography:

Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
Digital Camera Batteries £4.50
Digital Camera Chargers £4.50
Film Photography £10.50
Film Camera Accessories £10.00
Manuals & Guides £5.00
Memory Cards £5.00
Memory Card Readers & Adapters £5.00

Video Games & Consoles:

Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
Accessories £9.50
Consoles £26.00
Games £3.50
Gaming Merchandise £9.50
Other Video Games & Consoles £9.50

Mobile Phones & Communication

Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
Home Phones & Accessories £9.50
Mobile & Smart Phones £9.50
Mobile Phone & PDA Accessories £9.50
Other Phones £9.50
Ringtones, Logos & Software £3.50
Sim Cards & Readers £2.50
Vintage Phones £9.50

Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Sub-category Current maximum P&P cost
All Clothing & Accessories £9.50
Coats £11.00
All Shoes Categories £11.00
Bundles £11.00

Large, heavy, or multiple items

Your buyer is charged actual postage cost based on the package information you provide, the service you select, and the buyer's location. See our Seller centre page on postage rates for details. 

International sellers

International sellers listing directly on eBay.com in the US are also required to specify a postage cost within the specified limit for the category.

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