About your eBay member account

Your account is your identity and your reputation on eBay. Having a member account lets you conduct transactions, communicate with other eBay members, and leave Feedback for your trading partners. If you are a seller, managing your account involves paying eBay selling fees.

Understanding the benefits and responsibilities of having an eBay member account is an important part of having a safe and successful eBay experience.

Your account as a new user

When you register on eBay, eBay creates a member account with a user ID you selected. You use this user ID and password to sign in to eBay and use the eBay site and services. As an eBay member:

  • You have a Feedback profile as part of your account. Your Feedback profile includes information such as your Feedback score. When you receive Feedback from your trading partners, your Feedback score will be displayed next to your user ID. Your Feedback profile is your reputation.

  • You are identified with a 'New User' icon for 30 days from the time you register. This icon is displayed next to your user ID in your Feedback profile.

  • You can change your user ID. The 'Changed ID' icon will appear next to your User ID for 30 days.

Your member account as a buyer

As a registered eBay member, you'll be able to:

To keep your eBay experience fun and safe, make sure you protect your eBay account. If you suspect that your account has been tampered with, please refer to the Securing your account page and follow the instructions there.

Your member account as a seller

When you start selling on eBay, you are charged selling fees. Your member account now becomes a seller account and you receive invoices from eBay.

In addition to the benefits of your member account as a buyer, when you start selling on eBay you can:

As a seller, you must pay your invoice balance in full each month to keep your account current. Your payment due date is determined by when eBay generates your invoice (either the 15th or the last day of the month).

For more information, see Viewing your account activity

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