About Community Discussion Boards

eBay includes Discussion Boards and Chat Rooms where you can connect with other eBay members to discuss any eBay topic.

eBay Discussion Boards

eBay’s Discussion Boards are some of the best places to learn useful eBay tips and to discuss everything from art to clothing to bidding to seller tools. On the Discussion Boards, members start discussion threads with their ideas or questions, other members reply in postings with their answers, and ideas, and so on. Reading and posting to discussions are a great way to make new discoveries and solve problems with other members.

There are many Discussion Boards on including:

  • Category-specific Boards. eBay's category-specific Discussion Boards are a great place to find information on your favourite categories. Search for keywords if you know exactly what you're looking for, or browse the discussion topics and see what you discover. Feel free to start your own topics too!

  • Community Help Boards. On eBay’s Community Help Boards, eBay members answer questions, discuss best practices, and offer suggestions that help solve problems. Everyone can be a helper, even while learning!

  • General Discussion Boards. eBay’s general Discussion Boards can be used to share your opinions and suggestions or just relax with other eBay friends.

  • eBay for Charity Board. eBay for Charity discussions are a great way to get involved if you’re interested in learning more about buying and selling for charity on eBay.


  • Once you click a board, you can browse the topics, post a message, and reply to a message.

  • You must be a registered eBay member to post a topic or message. If you're not yet a member, you can register now.

  • Use of the Community Discussion Boards is subject to eBay's Board Usage Policy.

  • Currently there are no Discussion Boards located on Irish members are encouraged to use the UK boards.

To use Community Help Boards:
  1. Click the Community button at the top of the page.

  2. Under Connect, click Discussion Boards.

  3. Select a Discussion Board that interests you.

  4. Browse through the topics. Each topic lists the status of the message, subject, the date it was last updated, the number of replies, and the status.

  5. To see the topic and all replies to the topic, click the topic. You'll see every reply including the User ID of the member who posted it, the member’s feedback rating, the date and time it was posted, and a link to the member's listings.

  6. To post a reply in a discussion, after signing in, click the “Post a Reply” link at the bottom of any page of messages, type your message, and click the Post Message button.

    Tip: To check the spelling in your reply before you post it, click the button.

  7. To add a new topic for discussion, after signing in, click the “Post a Topic” link at the bottom of any page of topics, type a title and description for your topic, and click the Post Message button.

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