Searching Using the eBay Toolbar

The Search eBay button on the eBay Toolbar lets you find items fast. You can also use search options to make your search more efficient.

How Search Works

To search using the eBay Toolbar, enter one or more search terms describing the item you are looking for in the Search Box to the left of the Search eBay button, and click the Search eBay button.

Using Search Options

You can use the eBay Search options to:

To Search using eBay Toolbar Search Options:

  • In the Search Box, enter your search terms.

  • Click on the arrow to the right of the Search eBay button to display the list of the Search options.

  • Select an option from the Search drop-down list. Your search results displays.

Searching using categories

You can search for an item in a particular category by typing the search term(s) in the Search box, then selecting the appropriate category as your Search Option. For example, if you were interested in books about tea cups, not in teacups, you could type “tea cups” in the Search box and select a books category to limit your search, so your search list would not include actual tea cups.

Searching using your most recent searches

The eBay Toolbar can help you save time searching your favorite eBay categories. The Search eBay menu contains the Recent Searches submenu, which displays the five most-recent eBay category searches you've done.

To change how many searches are displayed:

  • On the eBay Toolbar, click the Customise button and go to the Search section.

  • In the Show Last Searches option click the arrow and select the number of searches you want displayed.

To clear this list, select Clear Recent Searches in the Search eBay menu.

Using the Highlight and Search feature

This feature lets you select a word on any Web page and quickly perform an eBay search by clicking the appropriate eBay category.

If you are browsing the text on a Web page and discover something you would like to check in eBay's listings, you can use Highlight-and-Search and the Search eBay Button.

To use the Highlight and Search option:

  • Highlight the Web page text you would like to search for on eBay.

  • Click the arrow to the right of the Search eBay button, and from the drop-down list select the search type or category in which you want to search. The search results display in your active browser window.

Tip: To display the search results in a new browser window, hold down the Shift key when you click the menu item in the Search eBay menu.

Accessing your favorite eBay places

You can access your favorite searches and sellers or stores that you created on eBay by clicking on the Favorites button.

Changing search settings

You can set the type of search that eBay Toolbar performs when you click the Search eBay button or press Enter after typing a search term.

To change your search settings:

  • In the eBay Toolbar, click the Customise button. The Toolbar Options pop-up displays.

  • Click the Display Preferences tab to change your search preferences. By default, the search type is Search eBay Titles.

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