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Insider Tips and Tricks to Help You Effectively Sell Your Art

The creation, collection, and appreciation of art has long been a hallmark of cultured society and individuals. The so-called art world represents a highly dynamic marketplace that allows savvy buyers and sellers to exchange pieces in order to satisfy the cravings of collectors and investors alike. It can be a highly lucrative scene but one fraught with pitfalls for those not in the know. Use this succinct but informative guide to help you create the most effective listing possible before you begin selling art online.

What details must I include in my listing when selling art?

Details are imperative when attracting buyers and when trying to command the highest price possible. Begin your listing with a clear description of the type of piece you are selling, identifying it as a painting, sculpture, objet d’art or otherwise. Identify the artist as well, being sure to place it prominently in the event that the artist is well-known. Establish the year that the work was produced and its provenance to the best of your ability. Discuss how the piece came into your possession and where it was located prior to you owning it. Comment on the period, style, and medium of the piece, following with a statement on whether it includes a frame, display pedestal, or any other pertinent hardware. Conclude by commenting on the piece’s overall condition either as new or pre-owned.

How do I determine a fair price when I am selling my art?

This is never an easy thing to do, and it will require some research on your part. Investigate other pieces by the same artist to determine how collectible the work is first and foremost. Visit your local studios to discuss the piece with those in the business, and research pieces of similar styles for sale online before deciding on a price. It is always a good idea to accept offers from buyers in order to more quickly sell a piece, but be careful not to let anything go for a bargain.

How many photos should I include to effectively sell art?

Paintings require at least three photographs showing the front and back of the piece, along with a close up of the signature. Sculpture require at least two photos showing the piece as a whole, plus the artist’s mark underneath. Additional close-ups should be included that show any damage or blemishes the piece might have, regardless of how insignificant they might be.