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Insider Tips and Tricks to Help You Effectively Sell Your Bikes

Since the mid-18th century humans have used bikes for transportation, exercise, and leisure. As human ingenuity progressed, so did the bicycle’s design, providing an even more efficient way of translating human power into mechanical motion. People’s love affair with the bicycle has created a burgeoning second-hand market awash in various styles and sizes of bikes, offering both buyers and sellers a dynamic market in which to shop and sell. Use the following guide to help you create your listing before trying to sell your bikes online.

What details must I include in my listing when selling bikes?

Given the enormous variety of different bicycles in existence, clear and concise communication is key when creating your listing. Begin by stating the manufacturer, model, size, and year of production in the title. Let the reader know if it is a new or pre-owned bike, since some people may be looking for an inexpensive bike. In the body, give details about the bike’s hardware, particularly the brakes, rims, and shifters in the case of a bike with gears. If it is a custom bike built from parts from different manufacturers, address each part separately. Finish your listing with a statement about how much use the bike has seen and what its overall condition is. It is also wise to include a statement somewhere in the body saying, “Perfect for…” in order to establish where and how this bike would perform best, such as a mountain bike or a road bike.

How do I determine a fair price when I am selling my bikes?

Given the sheer size of the market, there is no shortage of resources to help you do this. Do some research on eBay to find identical models of similar condition for sale to help you determine a fair price that you will be happy with and will also attract buyers. You can also use eBay’s convenient Selling Tools to help you determine pricing.

How many photos should I include to effectively sell bikes online?

This depends on the nature of the bike itself. Start with a wide-angle shot of the bike in an upright and slightly offset position. Include something in the frame that will also help establish scale, even though the size of the bike is listed in the listing's title. Add close-ups of any unique hardware that it has, along with any blemishes or damage no matter how insignificant it might be. If it is a custom piecemeal bike, whether new or used, include close-ups of each individual component that is from a different manufacturer. Buyers may also want to see parts like the tyres and gears.