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The Art of Selling Collectables

Many collectors are continuously on the hunt for valuable or rare items. While collectibles can come from any place of origin or any point in history, they’re often of more value when kept as a set or collection of other related items. Whether fans are trying to find the missing piece of a set or a collector is trying to find an old relic, selling collectables is an art of its own. eBay has some great tools that make it easy to sell your collectables.

Don’t forget to mention important details

When it comes to selling a collectable, it’s important to note that buyers will be looking for precise details that increase the value, rarity, or resale value. Items such as historical relics, decorative antiques, boxed action figures, currency, or autographed memorabilia are often more desirable when they’re in mint condition or unopened. Here are a few things to consider mentioning in your listing when selling your collectables.

  • Story, origin, or place of acquirement
  • Date of manufacture or creation of vintage items
  • Fan memorabilia series or set origins
  • Rare defects, condition, or manufacturing details for currency
  • Size, shape, or weight of precious minerals

To sell your collectables successfully, you may need to meet the demands of the market upon which you are targeting. For example, collectors who are looking for rare currency may want coins in mint condition whereas a collector of books may be searching for first editions. Consider doing in-depth research into your buyer market before selling collectables.

What certifications should I include when I sell my collectables?

Collectors that are searching for rare collectables want to make sure they’re buying a legitimate and original product. If a collectable item is a false replica or forged, they become almost impossible to resell later or have almost no value at all. That’s why it’s especially helpful to include the following types of certification when selling rare collectables.

  • Autograph authentication documents
  • Historian-approved antique items
  • Manufacturing date and location for currency
  • Photographs of unopened or sealed action-figure containers
  • Photographs of book edition marks or publishing stamps
Keep collectibles in good condition

Collectables can lose all of their value if they become damaged. That’s why you must pay close attention to the way you preserve and protect the collectables when you prepare and package them for shipping. Pack items in sealed containers appropriate to their shape and size, so the items don’t get damaged during shipping. You may also sell collectables with priority mailing options and faster delivery rates to ensure the item arrives directly to the buyer without damage.