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What You Need to Know About Selling DVDs and Blu-rays Online

Keeping an extensive collection of DVDs and Blu-rays on hand makes it easy to enjoy frequent movie nights at home. When you're ready to switch up your stockpile, it's time to sell your DVDs and Blu-rays on eBay. Buyers can purchase your used DVDs to round out their collections, and you'll free up space so that you can add new movies to your home library.

Accurately describe disc condition

When it comes to pre-owned DVDs and Blu-rays, clear communication about the condition of your discs is a must. Before listing your used Blu-rays and DVDs, pop them in your DVD player to ensure that they work well. If a disc skips or has other playback problems, then be sure to clearly mention that in your listing. Buyers will also want to know if your DVD has never been opened or never been watched.

Pay attention to DVD region

When you sell DVDs and Blu-rays online, you must let shoppers know what region the disc is coded for because manufacturers often design their DVDs and Blu-rays to play only in certain areas of the world. To find which regions your discs are designed for, look for number or letter codes printed on the backs of cases. DVDs use a number code. For example, region 2 discs will play in most parts of Europe.

Blu-rays, on the other hand, use letter codes:

  • Region A: The American continents, Japan, and Southeast Asia
  • Region B: Europe, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and New Zealand
  • Region C: The rest of Asia

When you decide "I'm going to sell my DVDs and Blu-rays," be sure to specify the appropriate number or letter region code. This helps buyers know whether your used disc is right for their area.

Taking DVD and Blu-ray photographs

When posting DVDs and Blu-rays for sale, good pictures will enhance your listing. Using your own images rather than stock photos allows buyers to see the condition of your discs. To reduce glare, take photos in an area with ample natural light.

When you are photographing the case, include images of the front, the back, and the spine. You may also want to include close-ups of the rating and the region code. As for the disc, photograph both the top and the bottom. Images of any scratches or scuffs will give buyers an honest overview of your product.