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Tips for Selling Your Home Furniture

There can be a lot of different reasons why you'd want to sell home furniture online. Maybe you've just bought a new piece and you're running out of room. Maybe you're downsizing. Maybe you're about to move across the country and you can't take your furniture with you. Whatever the reason, you can make some space by selling your home furniture on eBay.

Prepare your furniture to sell

Before you put your pre-owned furniture up online for sale, there are some steps to take to prepare it. You'll want to make sure to give your pieces a thorough cleaning. Remove any pet dander, dust, or crayon marks if you can. Polish up any wood pieces like your tables, chairs, and bookcases. If your item has small hardware parts that come with it, be sure to collect and package them to keep all your pieces together.

Creating a listing to sell your furniture

When selling home furniture on eBay, there are some specific details you'll want to be sure to mention to help buyers determine if the piece is a good fit for their space. These include:

  • Dimensions - Carefully measure your item and include the height, width, and depth. If your furniture piece is meant to hold other items, be sure to specify details like the dimensions of what it can hold or the weight it can support.
  • Materials - If you know them, list what types of wood, metal, fabric, or other materials your item is made of.
  • Colour - While your photos will also show the colour of the furniture, having it in the listing can help if the lighting of the photo doesn't quite portray the colour accurately.
  • Brand - Some buyers are going to be searching for furniture from specific brands and manufacturers like Tetrad, Tom Dixon, and Bentley Home, so be sure to list those.
Before I sell my home furniture, what photos should I include?

When you list your new or used furniture online, you'll want to take clear photos with good lighting from multiple angles. Remove couch cushions, items on shelves, and decor before taking photos unless they are included in the sale. Try and make sure the colour is as true to life as possible as it's a key factor in whether or not the piece will fit into a potential buyer's decor. Take some close-up shots of hardware like knobs, handles, legs, and the tag if your piece has one. If your item has any wear and tear, be sure to include that in the photos, too, so buyers know exactly what they're getting.