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Sell Tablets or eReaders and Give the Gift of Literature

Tablets and eReaders come in a variety of brands, styles, or versions. Each kind has its own features or advantages, but all of them provide a way for users to read their favourite books and periodicals anywhere. If you have a collection of these items and would like to make some cash in order to upgrade to a different model, selling tablets and eReaders on eBay is a fun and easy way to do so.

How do I take photos to sell my tablets or eReaders?

Proper photographs can be a major component of your online listing. When selling tablets or eReaders, start by taking a couple of simple photographs that show the devices as they might appear sitting on a nightstand waiting to be read. Take a few more photos that show how the screen on the tablet or eReader looks when the device is in use. Consider snapping a few close shots of the screen so that potential buyers can see how the text looks on the screen under normal lighting. If you're including a handy case with the eReaders or tablets you want to sell, include a couple of photos of it as well. Lastly, consider taking a photo or two of yourself holding the device so that buyers can get some idea of its scale.

How do I write a description to sell my tablets or eReaders?

The description is the second major part of your eBay listing for tablets or eReaders. It shouldn't be excessively long, but it should provide any information you might think is essential and a few extra bits for good measure. Some of the things you might put in your description are the following:

  • Brands - Different brands make eReaders or tablets in different ways, and many versions from the same brand tend to include features similar to one another. Apple, Lenovo, Microsoft, and Samsung all make some version of an eReader.
  • Storage - Storage capacity gives potential buyers an estimate of how many books and other files the tablet might hold. When selling tablets or eReaders, put information about overall capacity near the top of your eBay description.
  • Size - When you sell your tablets or eReaders, keep in mind that size can refer to the overall dimensions of the device or the size of the screen.
Can I sell my pre-owned tablets or eReaders?

Although tablets and eReaders seem to receive updated models regularly, their simplicity means that many buyers have no problems purchasing used or refurbished items. In many cases, simply erasing the data before you sell your tablets or eReaders will allow them to function similarly to their new counterparts.