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What You Need to Know to Effectively Sell Your Video Game Consoles

Since the advent of Pong in 1972, video game consoles have been a staple of living rooms the world over. Providing a fun and competitive medium for individuals and groups, home video game systems have evolved dramatically, creating an exciting and sometimes lucrative market for the ambitious seller. Make use of the following short but informative guide when creating a listing to help you get the most when you sell your video game consoles.

What details must I include in my listing when I sell video game consoles?

There are several key aspects required in every game console listing that will not only attract potential buyers but will also let them know that you are an informed, honest, and savvy seller. Begin with the manufacturer and model of your console, followed by its year of production. Next, describe the game controllers that come with the unit and clearly describe the manner in which the console interfaces with a television set. Follow this by listing the most popular games associated with this unit and conclude with a statement about the overall condition of the console. These units sell best when bundled with the games that can be played on them, unless of course the unit only plays games that are integrated within the console.

How do I determine a fair price when I am selling video game consoles?

The second hand video game market is vast, affording you numerous resources that you can make use of in order to determine the value of your console. Get online and do some research to find units identical to yours in order to determine a fair price, keeping in mind the relationship between the console’s condition and the price that it can command.

How many photos should I include to effectively sell my video game consoles?

This depends on the nature of the console and what you are selling with it. Start with a wide angle shot of the console and controllers. Add another photo that shows the interface that connects the unit to a TV. This is especially important for older units that made use of VHF jacks on older TV’s. Finally, include close-ups of any games you are including and any damage or blemishes that your console might have.