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Selling Your Video Game Consoles Online

Many people enjoy playing vintage, current, and even future video games. If you have old video game consoles lying around that you no longer play, you could get some cash back on your investment by selling them to those people who can get some use out of them. You can sell your video games consoles online with eBay.

What type of video game console should I sell?

Most of your customers will want to purchase a specific used or brand-new video game consoles. There are many different types of video games consoles on the market. There are ones that appeal to nostalgia, such as Nintendo 64s, Super Nintendos, Segas, Playstation 1 and 2s, and so on. If you want to sell video games consoles that are in high demand, consider the selling the following models:

  • Xbox One X - This video game console features 4K video displays, is generally considered to be the most powerful console, and has a large library of video games. It's backwards-compatible with Xbox 360 games.
  • PlayStation 4 - This console features 1 Tetrabyte of internal storage and has a large library of games optimised for HDTV.
  • Nintendo Switch - This one is a portable console with exclusive games that allow you to easily switch between TV and console models
How much should I ask for my video game consoles?

When you're selling video games consoles, you will need to price your console within the accepted price ranges — especially for used items. If you're not sure what to price your item at, use eBay's Selling Tools to see what some of your competitors have similar consoles priced at. Keep in mind that when buyers are shopping for new consoles like the Xbox One X or the Nintendo Switch, they are typically looking to get the consoles cheaper than they would if they bought then brand-new. However, if you have vintage video game consoles that are becoming rarer and harder to find, then you might be able to charge a premium price for them.

How many photos should I include to effectively sell my video games consoles?

Two clear photos of the top and front should suffice, unless there is damage. If this is the case, include a close-up of the damage to ensure an honest transaction when a buyer decides to purchase your video games console.