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Sell Your Wedding Dresses Online

Women all over the world put a lot of thought and care into what they're going to wear on their wedding day. Every woman wants to feel like a princess when she's a bride. While many brides spend hours, if not days, finding their perfect wedding dress, the truth of the matter is that once your wedding day is over and done with, you might find that you don't have much use for a wedding dress. Selling wedding dresses online can be a great way to recoup some of the money you spent on your wedding and help another woman make her bridal dreams come true for an affordable price.

What should I put in the listing when selling pre-owned wedding dresses?

Wedding dresses come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, and sizes. Brides who are browsing eBay in the hopes of finding their dream dress truly appreciate it when a seller is specific in their listing. For example, it's not enough to simply call a dress "white," but sellers should instead identify the exact hue, such as "bone" or "ivory." Always list not only the size of the gown, but also the exact measurements and whether or not it’s been altered. When listing your dress, use phrases like "modern" or "classic" in the title to attract buyers who are looking for your specific type of dress. Vintage wedding dresses are always in style. Specifying whether a dress is affordable or if it is a designer wedding dress can also be useful in attracting the right buyer.

What photos should I include to sell my wedding dresses?

The right photos are crucial when it comes to selling wedding dresses online. Take photos of the dress either on a mannequin or a model. Be sure that the photos are taken in good lighting so that buyers can clearly see what the dress looks like. Natural lighting is always a great choice. Take photos from multiple angles to enable buyers to see what the dress looks like from the front and from behind. Close-up photos can show details such as lace or elaborate crystals or beading.

Prepare your wedding dress for sale

eBay buyers expect garments to be clean, properly packaged, and ideally from a smoke- and odour-free home. When you set out to sell wedding dresses, it's important that you put time and care into ensuring that your dress is ready for sale. Have the garment professionally cleaned and packaged. If the dress has any stains or defects, be sure to let potential buyers know about them.