Warehouse 701

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Warehouse 701 is Hereford's premier restoration resource, specialising in reclaimed items of all kinds. The warehouse exists within a former munitions facility from the first world war, and sits upon a 35 acre site of items and materials waiting to be re-used, re-purposed or recycled. We highly recommend paying us a visit, should our eBay store not have what you're looking for! "With each honest imperfection, the reclaimed pieces within Warehouse 701 are wholly unique to themselves and are reflective of an era where things were built to last. With everything from comfortable, functional furniture items like chairs and tables, robust and sturdy storage solutions, or quirky and unusual features of taxidermy and décor; the Warehouse is an emporium of treasures, rescued and ready to be rehomed. Whether you’re an upcycle enthusiast, a property developer or simply looking to add some true character to your home – Warehouse 701 has something waiting to be discovered and adored."

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