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Hi I'm Margaret, I design miniature custom lego sets with some unique themes. My is using water slide decals to produce detailed designs. The range is a bit eclectic - it depends on what I see out and about or is sometimes inspired by a particular lego part. I have a wide range of sets and am also happy to make changes to the sets for you. If it is a simple part swap I'll do it for free. If there is design and printing work involved I can give you a quote (we can't do company logos sorry). I have great fun creating the sets then I buy real lego parts from suppliers and collate them together and pop them in the post. I enjoy making nice instructions for the bigger sets so you'll be able to have fun putting your model together. Most of the sets come in blister packs as parts for you to assemble. We hope you have as much enjoyment out of building and playing with the sets as I have making them.

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