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WEICHSTER Snooker Cue Manufacturing was founded in 1987. With more than 30 years technical experience, we continue to make the highest quality snooker cues for our customers. We are one of the best and oldest manufacturers in the snooker cue industry. Our hand-made techniques are praised by all our customers. Our cue brand "WEICHSTER" represents high-quality hand-made cues that compare more than favourably to those of other suppliers. We use imported wood materials to make WEICHSTER cues such as Ash, Maple, Ebony, Flame maple, Burr, Brown Burr, Zebreano, Purpleheart etc. All of our wood materials are well dried before manufacturing thereby avoiding cracks and shrinkage. Over one hundred steps are involved in our cue-making process. Our cuemasters pay particular attention to the finishing and polishing of every cue. This compliments the excellent smooth splices which are always perfect to the touch - our cues feel great in your hands.

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