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We are officially licensed to print 3d models, by leading designers around the world.. Themes covered are everything from from Modern era and ww2 vehicles though to space / D&D and scatter terrian and kickstarter campaigns. We also put links back to the designer's websites where possible, so you can check out their awesome work. We have thousand models and files to print and more are continually being added. We are unable to list all of them on website / ebay.. If you do not see a particular item you are interested in. Please feel free to contact us though our ebay site. alway happy to help. officially licenced printers with these designers EC3Design - link: M.Bergman - link: wowbuildings - link: Kickstarter, Vietnam ww2 Gamesacpe3d - link: Kickstarter "roads to adventure" Dewelcat, TigerAce1945, Terrian4print and other Patreon / Kickstarters.

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