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DRINKS-QUEST is the trade name of Alcor Trading Ltd., a based in London import/export company.  Alcor Trading Ltd. is an exclusive distributor in the UK for the following brands: -“ICEIS- Natural alkaline water from a glacier in Iceland with pH 8.8 in a 5L. bag-in-box - Apple Pectin "ProPectin" - 100% Natural detox solution Alcor Trading Ltd. owns the brand "CHEFS & CO". The essence of "CHEFS & CO" is to offer food lovers in the UK interesting, inspired and authentic ingredients from Europe.   The brand "CHEFS & CO" range include the following products we import and sell in the UK: Finest wild porcini (King Bolete) mushrooms pack of 200g , Pitted Soft Prunes (unsweetened) -750g, DRIED RED CHERRIES (UNSWEETENED) -750g, Organic Cold Pressed Walnut Oil (Unrefined)-250ml, Pure Citric Acid -1kgDRIED APRICOTS (UNSWEETENED) -750g, Organic Vinegars – four kinds of Organic kind of Vinegars with ‘Mother of Vinegar, Walnut Kernels 0.750g air-sealed packing,

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