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Vasco Electronics, a Polish company, has been the leader of the electronic translators market for over 12 years now. We have developed the world’s most advanced translation devices and are the only manufacturer on the globe that provides free, unlimited and lifetime internet for translations with our bestselling devices – Vasco Mini 2 and the newest Vasco Translator M3. The latter one also comes with other groundbreaking functions such as an extremely accurate photo translator, meetings & conferences translator, and never seen before phone calls translator. Additional features include an in-house developed app for learning languages and the option to share your translations via e-mail, to name a few. With Vasco, the buying process does not end with the purchase – we are always there for our Clients, whom we provide with system updates for their devices so that they always have the latest and finest software. Our broad offer ensures everyone will find a device that suits them best.

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