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We are based in Cyprus, which is a member of EU. We have been dealing with the design and production of fiberglass fender flares and spoilers for the past 30 years. All our products have been tried and tested for many years. Anything you buy from us has been fitted numerous times before with success. Why fiberglass: We use marine grade materials to ensure longevity of our products. Our 30 years of experience ensures the best workmanship. Good quality fiberglass does not get brittle with age, as most plastics do. If you damage a flare we can send you a replacement, no need to buy a whole set. To overcome the stiffness of usual fiberglass, we use a mixture of standard and flexible resins that gives the fender flares the necessary flexibilty to conform to the shape of the car. All our fender flares have a very attractive, black mat, gelcoat surface, 0.7 mm thick, much more durable than any kind of paint, but paintable, if you wish.

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