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We offer over 28 years experience in the Atari ST and retro computing, from programming, development to hardware refurbishment and software supply. With a wealth of Atari ST, and retro computing experience and knowledge, we provide servicing, repairing, upgrading and supplying replacement Atari ST software and hardware parts to help keep our community supported and active. We stock and refurbish the following items:- Atari TT, Falcon, Mega, ST, STE, STF and STFM computers Power supplies Floppy disk drives Brand new Sony replacement floppy drives External floppy drives Motherboards Memory upgrades TOS upgrades Mice and joysticks Software and software restoration UltraSatan bootable SD cards Blank, formatted and verified error free floppy disks We purchase any kind of retro hardware, software and systems. We also stock, buy, sell, service, upgrade and refurbish 6-bit retro systems (Atari ST, Amiga, etc) and consoles.

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