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JetsPlus offer you the wind in your face as you cruise the open road or trail on a reliable motor bike or scooter. JetsPlus gives you the chance to be first past the chequered flag in your highly tuned race machine. Hard starting? Rough running? Bogs on acceleration? Fuel leaks? Down on power? Worn parts? JetsPlus enhances your motoring pleasure by supplying superbly engineered carburetor jets, mixture screws and other spare parts for leading brands such as Keihin, Mikuni, Dellorto and Teikei. We offer 26 jet types with a total of 832 sizes. We hold over £16,000 of retail stock. Our sophisticated stock control software is programmed to offer a 99% chance of sending out your order the same day. Life is for living. Enjoy your leisure time. It's your right.

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