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Welcome Fight Fans to my KOfightposters eBay Shop. We here at KOfightposters are the only bona fide boxing memorabilia fight poster supplier in the UK & Europe. We do not sell or deal in re-prints, an original boxing poster has a value, a re-print is worthless. We will never knowingly sell trade or pass off such items. All posters listed by KOfightposters are original & this site can be used for reference as we always put down the actual poster size which is one of the main ways to authenticate an original from a modern re-print albeit that the unscrupulous forger can with modern technology get the size near about correct but the one thing that they cannot replicate are the font colours, clarity, lustre or original paper, on which close inspection will always expose the replica/re-print. Finally, all we can say is that to possess an original boxing fight poster is to possess something unique, always remember, time flies by, and today's original posters are tomorrows classics.

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