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Been collecting all my life after getting into rare Northern Soul records back in the Wigan Casino days, with the Soul Bowl in Kings Lynn just a short drive in the Fens, bought records there for a £1 that became super rare, I now have a few thousand of most genres and I`m thinning down a bit. Photo is of Katie who was pictured at my friends studio with a lovely bunch of records that was collected by a lady who was mates with Syd Barrett and the star of this show is and autographed Barrett that he gave to her. If you want top see the full photoshoot with Katie in Google "Studio One Peterborough " and search his gallery ,please note no records were harmed in the taking of these pics !! My lovely wife Becky will clean all the records on my mighty Moth ,my son James will record the records for your consideration and sales go towards his education and the odd computer game !! Teddy the cat is my logo a lovely British Blue Have a great day out there boys and girls happy listening Stef

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