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Welcome to Paynes Bee Farm, home of the Honey bee. This is the place to be, if you are interested in anything Honey Bee related. Paynes Southdown Bee Farms Limited, have been around for ages, since 1922 in fact. We operate many hundreds of bee hives all along the South Downs area, producing our own local English honey. With all that experience, our ability to advise you about beekeeping or honey, is unparalleled and we are always glad to help new beekeepers start up, aswell as guide the more experienced ones. If you re fortunate enough to live within travelling distance of our base in Hassocks, West Sussex - then a trip to our well stocked bee equipment and honey shop will be time well spent. You don t have to be a beekeeper either, although we stock just about everything you could ever need (or can get it for you). We also stock a wide range of specialist honeys from around the world and a tasty selection of jams, chutneys and other fine foods.

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