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Hello and thank you for visiting my shop , I am in the middle of setting up the shop so things might appear to be a jumble at the moment but I do hope that you are able to find items of interest. I have a range of superb quality pins that will be of interest to the skilled Dressmaker or keen amateur alike •Stainless Steel pins for Satins ,Silks, Lacemaking and they are fine enough for anyone interested in Entomology •Small pins ideal for Sequin crafts, display or model making •Brass pins in a range of sizes for the model makers •High Carbon Steel pins for Dressmaking and Lace •Plastic or Glass headed pins for sewing or Quilting •Brass Eye Bolts / Eye Pins for model making which are also great for finishing handmade decorations. Please have a look at the pins themselves rather than just the description as the pins have multiple uses but I only get to add one description.

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