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Welcome to, me, Isabel Nelson am the creator, designer and maker of the Handmade Jewellery in this shop. My Jewellery is individual and unique to my workshop, any imperfections reflect the handmade nature of each piece, simply designed and solid, sturdy Recycled Sterling Silver Pentagrams, Rune Jewellery and Pendants, for Wiccans mainly but have some other Pagan pieces that friends have asked me to make for them. I am a Pagan Silversmith who is passionate about the world that we live in, I don't want to damage it in any way to bring my precious jewellery to you therefore I aim to make the highest quality, ethically sourced Silver Jewellery, in recycled and Biodegradable packing We have done everything that we can to make the least impact on the Earth, if you are an ethical Pagan, or are interested in our ideas, then this is your site, you can wear your Jewellery with a clear conscience, if you find a greener alternative, then please let us know.

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