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We are a small family run business who care about the environment. As a family we are passionate about reducing our plastic usage and reducing our waste. We have made many swaps from plastic based products to more environmentally friendly ones and discovered many great products along the way. We are now able to bring these products to our customers so they too can "Be fantastic and Use Less Plastic". We also try (where we can) to reduce the amount of packaging on our products. No one likes excessive waste (especially plastic waste), so we ask our suppliers to only wrap in retail packaging where necessary. Most of our items are semi "naked" with the barest of packaging on them, possibly just a tag and some eco- friendly jute twine. We also ship in packaging that can be reused or recycled, or it may even be a recycled envelope or box. We have had some fantastic feedback so far for our products and we love to hear how eco-friendly and plastic conscious our customers are becoming.

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