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Who are THEYE®? We are a company developing high-quality plant-based Insect / Mosquito Repellents and Hand Sanitisers, which are fully tested under UK & European Regulations. Our repellents offer a full range of application methods to cater for all environments. This covers young children, expectant mothers and the more adventurous traveller. How is THEYE® sustainable? Here at THEYE®, we’re incredibly serious about sustainability. Not just as a ‘trend’ or as something that ‘fits with the times’, but as a true ethos behind our company. We do all that we can to make sustainable choices in our products - from product development and testing being cruelty free, through to natural manufacturing processes, reduced carbon footprint delivery, and biodegradable packaging and sales. How do we know your product works? We've done extensive testing, and you can see the results of one of these tests in action online.

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