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Our company has been specializing in tuning cars already for 12 years. Our products are still widely appreciated for its quality and performance. This offer gives a guarantee on the Oil solvents resistance quality and safety of your car. Our devices is an additional device plugged into the car electrical systems. The result is a modification of the transmission of data Between ECU and the individual devices in the engine. As compared with modifying the software in the control unit it gets similar results. When the device is plugged in the power Increases noticeably for 20% -30% even 35%. These Increase in torque is an Increase in the V-max (only if block is not to producer) and acceleration, the Therefore a car is more dynamic and active safety. While the default styles of driving and eco driving, you drop reductions range from 0.2 up to 1.5 is l / 100 km. The great advantage of the module, its installation Is That does not Interfere directly with the ECU and does not requir

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