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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

Good value66% agree

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Perfect thx

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it is great!

great videogames! 9/10 Is the final soccer videogame for sony playstation 3. Is more fun with friends.


FIFA 11 is a fantastic game - worthy edition to just about any collection

FIFA 11 is simply an outstanding simulation football game. Graphics are slightly improved as always. They are solid and crisp and very satisfying to look at. The only beef I have with them is that players faces are still awaiting the visual upgrade to make them more recognizable and realistic, especially in terms of the big name stars.

Gameplay is outstanding. On the easiest difficulty gameplay is way too easy and eventually becomes redundant and boring.
Once you ramp it up a notch or two every changes. The AI becomes far more intelligent and setting up big plays requires timing and precision and the window for such plays closes fast. The game becomes much more enjoyable.

Goals become extremely rewarding. The biggest improvement I have noticed is how the players battle for position when the ball is in the air and how they jostle with each other when battling for control of the ball. While these may be very subtle changes they have a huge impact on the realism of the game.

All the games modes are solid, but not without their areas that long for a little bit of improvement. Be a pro mode is great. I just find at times that when my pro is in possession of the ball and the camera zooms in that it is often very difficult to use the arrows pointing out where your teammates are as opposed to the opposition in order to pass the ball. This makes any kind of long passes very difficult to execute without turning over possession of the ball.

The numeric system (called your match rating) that is used to grade your overall performance in pro mode is very effective at keeping you motivated to stay in position and play your role. The goalkeeper mode is a great edition to this year’s game.

My only complaint is that it is sometimes boring just waiting for the opposition to get shots on goal to get you involved in the game. However that is the nature of the sport and that specific position and when the game finally does come to you the nervousness and intensity you feel is well worth the wait.

Overall, FIFA 11 is a fantastic game and a worthy edition to just about anyone’s video game collection.
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gr8 game would recommend

ma wee brothers love it keeps them quite n it great for these cold dark nights the play game for hours and r looking to upgrade to fifa 12



Enjoy to play for a few last days and cant stop!!!Nothing more to say!!!Great thing for great value!!!


fifa great as always!!

great installment in the fifa football franchise, online play it great, main game is in depth, players on the pitch are very responsive with highly detailed graphics, in summary awesome football game a must for video footballers everywhere.Read full review...


a good game very happy

the game is fine i would remomond to a friend takes ages to load and cant get online with it good garhics



Still a fantastic game, graphics are top, gameplay is fast but accurate at the same time and its the best so far. Still prefer this game to the most recent 2012 edition


Decent but needs improvment

Decent game play. easy to use.
FIFA 11 sees the introduction of various new features which takes the game’s authenticity up a notch. These include Personality+, the 360° Fight For Possession inclusion, Career Mode (the replacement for Manager Mode), and the highly anticipated addition of “Be A Goalkeeper”: FIFA 11 has got it all. Creativity and fluency will be noticed right off that bat when you’re rushing through the menus desperate to pick your favorite team, and see how the game plays on the pitch. And the best part? You’re more than likely going to love every last minute of a full 90+ minute football match.

Gameplay has been improved so much that FIFA 10 will quickly fade from your memory, and feel nothing less than clunky in comparison. One of the game’s producers stated the EA Sports team will be adding what they call the Iniesta touch. Technical players are now able to easily get away from an opposing player on the other team via a few quick movements. The new touch sees a quick flick with the analogue stick to instantaneously turn away from defenders; giving immediate satisfaction to the player. It clearly has greatly improved the overall dribbling system from past titles and will certainly make the average player more than content since you’ll be able to ping the ball to a good player while being confident he’ll be able to use his quality to easily go past a player. Some of the world’s best players such as Andres Iniesta, Steven Gerrard, Lionel Messi and many more are shown with their true advantage; having their real skills simulated perfectly in the game.
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fifa as any other

good game,it is just the same as any other fifa,only players updated.for best experience play with your firends online.very good fun.

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