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cheep make

A very cheep make, you have to punch the screen to make it do what you want didn't like it at all it is not as good as other tablets but i guess you get what you pay for in this case you pay to much. I wanted to get a tablet to use for internet but the internet was very slow and wasn't happy
Over all i don't recommend it
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The price is really unbelieveably cheap,compare to any electronics.

What can i say,i have been using lot of touch screen item,between them ipad is the best ever,undoubtedly.But this product gv me a good experience as well.I wasnt expecting the screen could be that smooth and fast.I used samsung galaxy and i am not in a hesitate to say this tablet can be comparable with that.The best thing is its application and games.The battery is long lasting.And with the android tablet,i think this is one of the best tablet pc.Read full review...


хороший понимающий человек

1Tell the community about your experience using the Flytouch III 8GB, Wi-Fi + 3G (Unlocked), 10in - Silver.


Superb !!

highly recommended, first had the product in December and it has never disappoint. Function perfectly with the Android market for free games.


It's better than nothing.

The product is what you see in picture.I bought it so that it serve me as a mini laptop & a mobile video recorder but I missed it and was carried away that I forgot to notice that it doesn't have Rear camera.Even the Front camera is not shape as I expectec and doesn't have setting for such.I cann't compare it to others because I have not used other either.I will recommend the product to a friend anyway.It's better than none.Read full review...


Good but older version seems better.

A nice gadget only problem i had was a lot of free aps i downloaded didnt work.This tablet was on version 2.3.
I now have a similar tablet but running on 2.2 and a lot more aps seem to work on this version.Hope this helps.Read full review...


Works well except for Wifi, which keeps dropping out for no reason.

I bought this tablet as a Xmas present to myself and when it first arrived I was quite impressed. Unfortunately it did not take long to realise that the WiFi capability was appalling, even next to my router when the signal was at full strength it kept dropping out. I took at least 30 attempts to download a small game. Otherwise, email worked quickly, it played movies straight from a USB memory stick as AVI files and I found the touch screen quite sensitive. Camera was very poor quality, but screen better than expected.
Due to poor WiFi capability I returned this unit for a full refund and the seller even paid postage back, so happy with seller and gave suitable feedback.
Instead I purchased a capacitive screen 4.0.1 Android 10" ZePad tablet from Hong Kong and it is much better for slightly more money (£20 extra).
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Good product

My daughter wants to play games and watch something on youtube. It's easy use in the car. Also I can use GPS navigator.


great gift .....

So Easy Too Use And Setup Wifi ....
8GB Memory Plus Slot Too Add More Memory ....
10.2 Screen Good For Video Or Picture's


Great for 1st time techies.

They are great first time tablets for anyone with little knowledge and experience. Its a prefect to try out tablet before shelling out the big money for one only to decide you don't like using them.r>
It is a little slow to response, but if you are uncertain and never used on before that's a bonus.

I got mine a while ago, it's prefect for playing music (through a hifi system speakers or headphone as on it's own sound is very tinny). Movies and games it plays well; our 7 years old uses it in the car with ease. my brother has just brought his 3 year one after she enjoyed playing with mine so much.

It is easy to set up, wifi too. it's weighted well and its not so slim but it is hardy enough that I don't mind the children to use it; mine as also been sat on and took it well!

Checking out the app market is a must, but read the reviews on apps; some will just waste space. It downloads apps quite quickly from the app market, you need a gmail account, but that's easy to set up.

I would suggest expanding your gb size too, a micro sd card expansion is available via a slot on the side; don't go paying to much for gb's though, aim to pay about £1 per gb, big I.T stores will charge you a lot more, order it at the same time from ebay.Read full review...

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