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Good shopping!!!

Great item, as described for a good privé.

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super quality. I'm very happy

outstanding quality.

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ty received

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: obsessed-music-uk



It's awesome

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: worldofbooks08



Best GNR album IMO

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Guns N Roses Are Rock Legends

Strangely enough, as I sit and write this review, I would just so happening to be listening to the CD. Playing very loudly as Guns should always be played. The louder it gets, the more appreciation it receives. This is an absolutely fantastic CD. My favourite Guns N Roses track has to be November Rain, and this track played live is even better. Axl Rose talks to the fans about the track "I Used To Love (But I Had To Kill Her) which is the track playing now, and he explains why they wrote this song. All round this album is amazing. Slash playing every note crisply in front of a live audience, is the best ever, as he is shown appreciation for the hard work that he does when he plays. I read in a book titled "Slash Surviving Guns N Roses, Velvet Revolver And Snakepit" a quote from Axl referring to Slash, which read and I quote "He'll be quiet most of the time and won't let a lot of himself out. Then he puts on a guitar and lets out his heart and soul". This quote I found unbelievably true, but to be honest listening to this CD it makes you realise that all of the band have a lot of heart and soul. Axl may have had his problems and actions may have let to the bands demise over the years with departures taking place, but he is one of the best vocalists and song writers on the planet, and always will be. Your can hear his emotional and powerful voice so well in this album (I say again, play it loud to be able to catch the full extent of what I mean). There is not one bad thing about this album, it's fantastic in every sense. Let me just say to all the Slash wannabees out there, as I am one of them. Get this album, put it in the Stereo System, turn it up really loud, listen all the way through...and then tell me I'm wrong.Read full review...


A band in their prime

Guns 'n' Roses captured live, the ultimate line up performing all their hits and more.
Kicking off with 'Nightrain' the band hold nothing back from the outset delivering hit after hit of crowd pleasers all the way to the encore 'Paradise City'.
But sadly, also the start of the fall that dissolved the biggest rock band on this planet at this time, which to makes this album special.
The classic line up. The classic song list and one classic live album.
A must for any G 'N' R fan and lover of live music.
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My favourite album of all time,
This is whats left of the original Gun N Roses, all the hits recorded in great great quality.
Better than studio recordings....RAW GN'R


This album is the dogs bo**ocks!!!!!!!!!! G N' R rule!

Not the best album from the ultimate rock band, but def worth having in your collection if you are an avid G N'R fan like me. I was at two live gigs back in '91 & '92 and they rock, there will NEVER be another band as good as these!!!Read full review...


Total Bliss

Great band, even better live. This CD is a must for G'N'R fans.

Great classics and all the hits.

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