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Polaroid SX-70 Camera

Lovely classic polaroid camera, simple to load film and use. The only downside is that the film is expensive to buy when purchasing old stock and a gamble when buying as it may or may not produce good images. A company are producing a new film for polaroids. Polaroid PX film but it is very sensitive and very expensive considering the first flush films in particular may not produce a decent image at all. So whilst the appeal of polaroid pictures lives on - a costly venture unless you know a good supply of reasonably priced reliable film.Read full review...


Great Polaroid Camrea, Great Deal

The easiest way to find what you want, what you love and what the price you want to pay.

The camera is the best Polaroid in the world, classic, modern... SX-70 is the first SLR Polaroid. Great design, you will say "wow" when you it's pop up to open. The photo also good. very artist. you can't believe that the camera already 40 years old.Read full review...


Polariod SX-70 Camera

this camera is very good, its manual focus allows a nice degree of controll. its also has an amazing fold up design making it nice and slim line. it also used the best type of polariod film


Awesone camera.

A great experience shooting with this camera. Easy to use, nice features. When you find a good one, buy it.


SX-70 review

This is one of the greatest camera's made by polaroid. SLR technology in instant photography. It gives regular people the feeling of a true photographer and you see the outcome right away. Get yourself the polaroid sx-70!Read full review...


Beautiful Camera

This camera is what retro is all about! its the first camera that used modern day polaroid and not peel feel. its so cool, what other folding slr can you find ? you cant


The return of Polaroid

As an antique camera collector, this camera is considered as one of the must have camera of all time. This camera resembles the revolution of camera technology. Its completely different from what we have today. Furthermore, with the return of Polaroid, thanks to The Impossible Project. The value of these foldable SLRs are increasing fast. So grab a copy and enjoy what photography is all about... FUN.Read full review...


Polaroid SX-70

The most beautiful crafted instant camera ever.

Shooting all varieties of emulsions such as Time Zero, 600 & the new PX film from the impossible project is a total pleasure with this camera, I would personally recommend the model 2 cameras as they have a tripod mount, which is highly desirable when using the new Impossible Project films.

I hope this helps anyone thinking of splashing out and buying a genuinely brilliant camera from the genuinely brilliant mind of Edwin Herbert Land.
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px 100 silvers shade/first flush film

Produced by the Impossible project...this film goes some way to replacing the old Polaroid sx70 and sx70 time zero films, enabling one to dust off the old Polaroid sx70,and get shooting again.As an experimental material one can produce differing results depending on light conditions/ temperature. Pictures can change even weeks after the initial exposure. First flush films are really for those who like experimenting,and have some strange and peculiar
characteristics..undeveloped patches within the picture area,and or white dots are not uncommon,and just add to it's uniqueness within the photographic market...a breadth of fresh air.
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Polaroid Land Camera

I recently bought this camera, because of the impossible project which has created new film for this sort of camera. Having used the camera with the new film, i am very pleased with the effects.

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